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How Cleaning Professionals Benefit

Modern Cleaning | How Cleaning Professionals Benefit

Get Your Company Ready to Roll-out Chemical Free Cleaning!

To really learn what it means to clean using the Modern Cleaning approach, we recommend you register for and complete the CFC Technician Training Online. This course is broken into three parts: the science and development of new technologies (which gives you a LOT of great information for developing marketing), the down-and-dirty with each of the major types of equipment-based cleaning options so you'll know the advantages and limitations of each, and video demonstrations of the standard and recommended uses for each type of equipment option.

For only $125, it's the cheapest, simplest and quickest way to find out if Modern Cleaning is the right choice for your cleaning company!

We started out as a house cleaning company in 1994, and are still actively involved today performing over 25,000 cleanings a year.

A professional needs to make a home look clean in as little time as possible.  We can provide you with equipment to do this and train you how to use these tools in an integrated system.  Your technicians will be making homes look great in an efficient manner.  Unlike most cleaning, they will also be reducing germ counts in a meaningful way, and will be doing it in an environmentally friendly manner.  Your client's homes will be cleaner, safer, and greener.

Knowing how to use the tools is only part of the challenge for the professional.  We also teach you how to implement Chemical Free Cleaning to grow your company and maximize your return on investment.

How can adopting a chemical free cleaning process or updating to chemical free cleaning equipment help your business benefit?

Differentiate Yourself in the MarketplaceIf the consumer sees no difference between your service and another provider, they will make the decision solely based on price.

Compete More Aggressively in the Marketplace
75% of homes are being cleaned by under-the-table cleaners and the economic incentive to use "trunk slammers" is growing.
Minimize Costs While Maximizing Profits
Instead of continually purchasing cleaning products, invest in state-of-the-art equipment that can provide better results without the need for chemicals.
Diverse Return on InvestmentImproved efficiency, uniform results, and a unique selling point for customers are immediate benefits of evolving to a chemical free cleaning system.

Partnership with an Industry InnovatorModern Cleaning is more than a storefront for equipment. We offer support, training, and an ongoing relationship to ensure maximum value from a chemical free cleaning system.


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About Us

Since 1994, we have performed over a quarter million home cleanings. We knew early on that technology would help us grow our business.  We believed there was a better way. 

After years of research and evaluation, we now have the foundation of a chemical free cleaning system that we stand behind and recommend.

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